3 Realities of Product Commercialization

Today, we’re talking about product commercialization.

As you transition from building your product, to launching it to customers for the first time, you can expect to face some harsh realities. Here’s my top 3 product commercialization lessons:

1. You need to find the one hook.

While it’s tempting to build lots of features, for most businesses you’ll need to have one core feature that works really well — better than everyone else.

2. Boring iteration.

In order to retain new customers and keep existing, you’ll need to make sure the main flows, like login, onboarding, and other core actions — are smooth as butter. This requires lots of pretty boring iteration on the same flows over and over.

3. We don’t get to decide.

Once you’re live, you don’t really get to decide the product’s direction anymore. Instead, we’re now in the business of creating and testing hypotheses. Then we let customer behavior drive the ultimate path.

Best of luck out there.



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Ash Rust

Ash Rust


Pre-seed Investor. Email: ash@sterlingroad.com. B2B, US only. I work with founders for 3 months before investing. More info: http://SterlingRoad.com/process