3 Tactics to Close Sales during the Holidays

Today, we’re talking about closing sales during the holidays.

I know a lot of you are trying hard to hit those December numbers and it’s tougher right now as people start to leave on vacation. Here’s some quick tactics to help close sales before the end of the year:

1. Create scarcity. You can offer customers in the pipeline a discount that will expire Jan 1st or even better warn them the price will increase on Jan 1st, so they need to say yes now.

2. Don’t ask for a signed contract. Getting through a whole contract process may not be realistic before year end, so try to get something that’s quicker & doesn’t require extensive review, like a small deposit or a signed purchase order.

3. Don’t make leads wait. As soon as any request hits your inbox, it is urgent. You’ll need to turn around questions and materials almost immediately to close in time



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Ash Rust

Ash Rust

Pre-seed Investor. Email: ash@sterlingroad.com. B2B, US only. I work with founders for 3 months before investing. More info: http://SterlingRoad.com/process