It was a pleasure having Camereye in Pitch Practice. Founders, I encourage you to use a deck template so you don’t miss out on crucial info in your pitch like the problem, solution, and how your solution works.

For most founders, the deck is a cornerstone of their seed fundraising process. Unfortunately, most decks are terrible. They’re often difficult to understand, too detailed, or missing key details. The goal of the deck is to provide a clear, simple overview of your company and encourage investor questions to begin…

Hello Everybody. Today we’re talking about the harsh reality of acquisitions. Many founders see acquisition as the next logical step if fundraising isn’t going well. The reality is pretty tough:

1. Unless you have strong demand from a very interested potential buyer, the vast majority of startups are not acquired; they simply fail.

2. Acquisitions take at least 6 months, usually 9. If you don’t have that kind of runway, the acquisition will likely fail taking your company with it.

3. Without a competitive process, most acquisitions are for less than what the startup raised. If you’re lucky you and your team get jobs.

Headlines often give a rose tinted view of startup acquisitions. The reality is usually very different.

Thanks a lot for watching and best of luck out there.

I had a great Pitch Practice session with Navi. Founders — your job is to remember that you are turning acorns into thousand year oaks. Sell that vision!

  • 🥇 Max. one stat for your…

Hello everybody. Today, we’re talking about what your seed valuation should be.

Well, there’s a really wide range. In today’s market, I see everything from $3M to $30M valuations labeled as pre-seed and seed.

The factors most investors care about at this stage are: founder backgrounds, traction, market size…

I met the Roots team for #PitchPractice and was blown away.

🔑 Key Tips

  • Simplify your demo. Pretend your audience is 5 years old so you keep the explanation easy to understand and emphasize ease of use.
  • ✨ Authentic…

I had a great time with the Tongo team in Pitch Practice. Here were my biggest takeaways from the session that other founders can implement:

  • Utilize bar charts. It’s a clearer way of depicting change.
  • Max 1 idea per slide. More than that overwhelms the…
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Today, we’re talking about how to onboard new sales hires.

First of all, complete all the important admin tasks like setting up payroll, making sure they have an email address, other account access; as well as any devices they need.

Next I suggest giving a high level overview of your sales process, start to finish. This will usually be based on a sales playbook which details your standard practices.

Once you’ve set the context, then we can start setting results based goals. Start with easy tasks in the early days but ramp up quickly. So a new Sales development rep might be asked to respond to an inbound lead to schedule in week 1 but within a month they might be expected to generate 3 meetings a week on their own.

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Today, we’re talking about small investors. Many founders worry about having too many small investors in their seed round.

In my opinion, you should take the money and get your round closed. Most concerns about having lots of investors are easily resolved.

1/ You can group them. Either list everyone under $100k as one line on your cap table spreadsheet or create an entity for them. Angellist even offers a special product for this called roll up vehicles.

2/ These small investors don’t have governance rights. If you’re using a SAFE now and have reasonable lawyers for later rounds, small investors won’t be a problem because they won’t have any authority over the company.

3/ Communication. Most investor conflicts stem from communication issues. If you set the communication expectations with small investors upfront, most issues can be avoided.

Ash Rust

Pre-seed Investor. Email: B2B, US only. I work with founders for 3 months before investing. More info:

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