Announcing Sterling Road’s Second Fund Investing in Pre-Seed Startups

Today, Sterling Road is proud to announce its 2nd fund, investing in pre-seed B2B founders with a commitment to help them emerge stronger from the current economic crisis. This 2nd fund will deploy $9M, tripling the 1st fund and continuing our focus on coaching resilient teams.

Even as the market is witnessing rapid changes in startup investing, we are committed to keeping our close involvement with founders the same — spending 90 days working with startups before investing, to coach them across goals, fundraising, recruiting, and early sales. We’ve found great success in this model as both sides benefit from working together before entering into a long term relationship (full process details).

We look for committed founders who are building sustainable businesses, and we invest in a broad range of sectors from communities (Pulse), to AI (Breinify), to intellectual property (Brainbase).

Now is the time to invest in companies who can see what’s on the horizon, in a fundamentally changed world. Our investors put their faith and capital in us, during uncertain times, and now it’s our job to help you. We don’t care about who you know, or if you went to the right school. We care about what you’re building; so if you’re a B2B team at the pre-seed stage, based in the US, please reach out:

Thanks to Kaego Rust for their help on this article.

Pre-seed Investor. Email: B2B, US only. I work with founders for 3 months before investing. More info: