Hello, everyone. Today, we’re talking about the design work needed to get started on B2B sales. The unfortunate reality of our world is that no matter how great your solution is, you will need to present it well in order to appear credible.

The good news is that to start B2B sales you actually dont need that much: a clean and simple website and a basic one pager is enough. You also have plenty of options. You can use a template and do-it-yourself on a service like Squarespace or Webflow you can get something pretty cheap using the online marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork. Or you can find a local design agency and get something custom for a higher price.

But whichever path you use you need to get going ASAP. Once it looks okay, start your outreach so you can get customer feedback on the actual solution. Don’t let design work delay this.

So if it’s anything better than a high school project, start talking to customers. Don’t stay up all night for days on end trying to reach the standard of a site like Square.

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