Basic Call Etiquette

Video Below

Today we’re talking about basic etiquette on work calls. I know we’ve all been locked down for a year now but that’s no excuse to start saying whatever you please in professional settings. I’m constantly amazed by the things I hear on video calls. This is not to say I’m perfect — far from it — but here’s some basic guidelines to avoid making others feel really uncomfortable, so they want to keep working with you:

1. Don’t make comments on people’s appearance. Remarks like “Oh you look tired” or “I love that you keep changing your hair” are not appropriate for professional settings. Just ask people how they’re doing and move on.

2. Don’t generalize about cultures, race or gender. Comments like “This investor is from Antarctica, so I don’t trust them” are straight up racism — there’s simply no need to talk like that on calls.

3. Don’t make lewd jokes. I know you think your sex joke is hilarious but I guarantee you, others will find it a lot less funny, many will find it offensive. While humor can certainly lighten the mood in professional settings, but that’s just not an excuse to say something lewd. There are plenty of appropriate things to joke about.

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