Can You Still Sell to Startups in This Market?

Today we’re talking about if you can still sell to startups?

Yes — but it’s definitely more difficult now.

Here are the tactics to be successful if your product has startups as customers.

1. Focus on those with funding.

If a startup hasn’t announced a raise for 1.5 years or more — it’s likely that the budget for new products will be tight.

2. Be so valuable that cost is a secondary concern.

Regardless of difficult times, startups will always need certain services, e.g., email and hosting. If you can make your service as truly indispensable as those, tight budgets won’t matter as much.

3. Get creative.

If sales aren’t happening, don’t be afraid to try a different approach — perhaps focusing on a small niche of the market or doing custom work to close a customer.

Best of luck out there.



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Ash Rust

Ash Rust

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