Common Deck Feedback

Ash Rust
1 min readJul 8, 2020



Hello, everyone. Today, we’re talking about deck feedback. I might see ~1,000 pre-seed and seed decks per year. And here are the things found is most commonly get wrong.

1: Use a template. Yes, there’s always a good story in the media about how someone broke the mold and raised a ton of cash, but it’s far from the norm better to use a template, benefit from the hard work of others, and ensure you cover the items a potential investor would really want to see.

2: Too much text. If you put a lot of words on a slide, it becomes really tough for the audience to read and listen to you at the same time 280 characters or the length of a tweet is a good rule of thumb. And remember the deck is the start of a conversation, it’s not supposed to include every single detail.

3: Only one idea per slide. The unfortunate reality is that your audience won’t remember much from your pitch. So we need to make it really easy for them to remember the most important details and that comes from singular focus on a slide by slide basis.

4: Additional slides to the Appendix. When you use a template you will often have to cut slides and if you move those to the appendix, they may serve as great visual aides during Q&A and you will look super prepared.