Customer Discovery Questions

Hello everyone. Today, we’re talking about the basic customer discovery questions. Customer discovery is an essential first part of the sales and product development process but a lot of entrepreneurs don’t know what questions to ask. Here’s some ideas to get you started.

1. First of all, start with their most severe problems, limited to your area of interest. Find out why the problem is so bad and most importantly — how much it costs. If there isn’t a clear $ cost, you can calculate an estimate based on the time lost.

2. Next, ask how the problem is currently solved, how much that solution costs and if they’d be interested to try another solution if it solved their problem better. What would they want to see to be interested in another option?

3. Lastly, ask about the buying process, who are the decision makers and what approvals are needed. Any compliance requirements? What systems do they currently use and we would need to integrateintegration?

Above all. Get them talking and then let them talk — we want their feedback, not to give them a pitch on our ideas.

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