Finding a Co-Founder — The Daily Work

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Today we’re talking about the daily work of finding a co-founder.

Finding a co-founder is a very tough problem, but it’s recruitment, and that’s a skill every founder has to hone. Recruitment will be a big part of your job as you scale, so here’s a framework of the daily tasks.

1. First, most of your day-to-day work should be around candidate research, outreach to generate new meetings, and doing the actual meetings. A lot of founders don’t like doing the research and outreach pieces and so don’t make good progress.

2. Talk to other founders. The recruitment market in technology is often changing, and it just went through a huge change with the shift to hybrid workplaces. If you’re talking to other founders about what worked for them to find a co-founder or researching the techniques people have written about, then you might take advantage of new or overlooked opportunities.

3. Do it first thing if you don’t like it. Not many people like all the elements of a co-founder search. If you’re in the same boat, schedule time each day to complete your co-founder search tasks first before you allow other, potentially more interesting, distractions to interfere.

Best of luck out there.



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