Today, we’re talking about when to fire yourself. Founders have to wear many hats when getting a company started but that doesn’t mean you should keep doing everything forever.

For example — I firmly believe Founders should make the first sales of a product, but once you’re over $100k ARR you’ll probably need to hire someone to help with outreach or closing, just to maintain growth and you should find those people are much better at the role than you were — that’s ok — in fact that’s exactly what we need. Another example — Non-technical founders can build a working demo but when you’ve landed a customer and now you’re dealing with their private data, it usually helps to have an engineer around.

After taking on numerous roles and getting some positive results, it’s sometimes hard to let them go. This is a natural reaction but remember as you progress, if you’re still trying to do everything, you will be stunting your startup’s growth.

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