Getting help from your investors

Hello everyone. Today, we’re talking about getting help from your investors.

“Let me know how I can be helpful”.

You will likely hear this now famous phrase or something similar from your investors. The problem is that very few founders actually take their investors up on the offer. Don’t do this. Your investors are ready to be put to work helping your company grow faster, so let’s take advantage of that. Here’s some ideas to get you started

Fundraising — this is the most obvious. Before you start raising your investors can help with pitch feedback. Then introductions to potential investors and back channeling to your favorite potential lead investors.

Perhaps less obvious is Hiring. Most startups have hiring problems, so your investors will have seen this a lot — you can ask for their help on editing the job description, intros to potential candidates and posting the job on their social media.

And Lastly — Sales — If your investor has portfolio companies or network connections who fit your customer profile, you can ask for an introduction. The same goes for sales advisors, if the investor doesn’t have expertise themselves, they probably know a few experts who might be worth a conversation.

Now does this mean your investors will complete every request? No. Does this mean every investor will put in the time for you? No. But this approach will maximize your chances of getting the help you need, from some of your investors