How to Follow-Up After an Investor Meeting

First Follow-Up

  1. The deck you reviewed with the investor in the meeting (attachment or docsend is fine).
  2. Answers to any outstanding questions from the meeting.
  3. Any materials the investor requested.

Ongoing Follow-Ups

  1. Mention of the round is filling up (use the reservations system).
  2. New investors in the round, who have signed and wired funds.
  3. Product and Sales launches wins (traction, launches & new customers).

Final Follow-Up

  1. A reminder of the original meeting.
  2. Top company highlights (traction, team, investors).
  3. Decision deadline.
  1. $100k ARR growing 15%/month.
  2. We are Oxford graduates with a decade of experience in this sector.
  3. Pear VC is leading the $1M round.



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Ash Rust


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