Investors Helping in a Downturn

Ash Rust
2 min readMay 26, 2022


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Hello Everyone. Today we’re talking about how investors can help during a downturn.

While many entrepreneurs are hearing the classic “let me know how I can be helpful” from investors during these times, the reality is investors can absolutely help, beyond the obvious of investing more cash.

1. Answering questions at all hands meetings.

Founders are facing lots of hard questions from their team at present, bringing in an investor who has a broad perspective across dozens of companies can help allay some fears and reduce the pressure on the founders.

2. Actually helping with cost cutting plans.

Rather than just a quick approval when the plans are made, spend the time to help plan and document cost cutting plans, as well as the execution of the hard parts — like layoffs.

3. Fundraising — get creative.

No one can reasonably expect every investor to provide additional capital when the market is struggling but investors should be working to provide regular introductions. That may mean getting creative and going beyond the obvious connections.

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