Pitch Practice with decisionLab

Ash Rust
Jun 6, 2024


Video Below

In our latest Pitch Practice session, Jose Sanchez from decisionLab presented their key-value store solution.

Here were the key takeaways:

Takeaway #1 β€” Start with a simple title slide πŸ–₯️
Takeaway #2 β€” Stick to one clear example ☝️
Takeaway #3 β€” Keep text to a minimum πŸ”€
Takeaway #4 β€” Maintain professionalism throughout your pitch πŸ’Ό Takeaway #5 β€” Include dollar values in market info πŸ’²
Takeaway #6 β€” Feature traction prominently πŸ›ž

Which takeaway did you find the most valuable?

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