Hello, Everyone. Today, we’re talking about automating your internal processes. This kind of work can have huge benefits for your startup offering a massive time-saving on menial tasks. However, you must wait on automation until you have a good grasp of how a successful process might work or you can use an external software platform and work around its process. But if you try to automate right away, you will have to build it twice.

For example, let’s say your startup needs a way to view and edit customers for your app, that is about one month old. You should probably start by simply looking at the database directly and using SQL queries, or you could let someone else manage it for you, like a payment provider such as Stripe. But if you start by trying to build an in-house admin panel for yourself, you can expect to get many aspects of it wrong given the early stage of your business and how much scope there is for change almost every level.

Just as with products sold to customers, it’s best to do as much work as you can manually, at first, to reduce unnecessary engineering work.

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