Hello everyone. Today, we’re talking about how you to prove your app has a better experience to an investor. Many entrepreneurs claim their competitors are “terrible to use” and their app is “a great experience”. But your claims are unlikely to be enough. Here’s the evidence investors are interested to see:

1. Engagement metrics. This is the ideal. Investors love seeing metrics that show your customers are reliant on the product, using it 5+ times a week, multiple times a day.

2. Testimonials. If you’re too early for the metrics to be clear or they’re not very good, then you can use testimonials from customers where they extol your virtues on usability and highlight the huge ROI they’ve seen from using your app.

3. Résumé. If you’re not yet live, you may have to rely on your past professional wins — investors can be persuaded that if you built something great before, then you should be able to do it again.

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