Sell Custom Work to Close Sales

Selling custom work on top of your product can help close enterprise sales. Especially at this time. For example:

1. Integrate with customer’s legacy systems

2. Add a feature they need

Roll the cost into an annual contract to avoid being trapped selling dev time.


Hello, everyone. Today, we’re talking about using custom work to close Enterprise sales. It’s hard for everyone to close sales right now. So offering these additional Professional Services can really help.

For example:

1. You might offer to integrate with the customer’s legacy system in order to close a sale.


2. Perhaps a potential customer needs a particular feature, in order to close, and you’ll happily build it, in exchange for upfront cash.

Offering these kinds of services can drastically increase your revenue in the near term and many public companies still have Professional Services occupying a significant part of their revenue.

The danger is that you can get stuck offering these lower margin, time for money, services forever, and it doesn’t scale. But if you roll these services into an annual contract with charges for things like ongoing customer support, you can avoid a lot of the potential risks.

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