Small Launches are Better

Always better for startups to do lots of small launches vs 1 large launch. Even though this approach will usually take a lot more time.

1. Product will start w/ bugs. Easier to find in a small launch.

2. Don’t know if customers want what you’re building until they can use it.


1: Your first version of a new product or feature will have lots of bugs often strange and unpredictable bugs that will only be visible with customer feedback. Not only these bugs easier to find and fix it in small launches large launches, with much fanfare, are often hurt by these kinds of bugs.

2: Your ideas for this product or feature are only a hypothesis until a customer actually tries it all the data domain expertise and user interviews in the whole world will not guarantee a customer who needs your solution. The sooner we get your product to a customer the sooner we find out if they really need it what you need to fix on it to actually solve their problem and how to make them happy.

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