Sell before building BUT don’t distribute before product/market fit.‬

‪Many founders, anxious for growth, will force it via ads or partnerships. ‬This strategy almost always fails, no matter how much you raise.

Wait until your product is ready & growth will be a lot easier.


Hello, Everyone. Today we’re talking about when to start distributing your product. I’m a firm believer in selling your product to a customer before you start to build it. However, I often see founders seeking aggressive growth before they have product/market fit. By product/market fit, I mean a reasonable number of customers now rely on your product.

It’s totally understandable to want growth especially if there’s an external factor coming up, like a demo day. However, there’s simply no point trying to grow aggressively if your product isn’t good enough.You will waste a lot of time and money. No matter who your investors are or how many people see your ad. You cannot force people to rely on your product. Only an awesome product will do that.

Focus your efforts on iterating the product with a small number of users until you have that product/market fit, and then it will be a great time to push hard on distribution.

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