Today, we’re talking about the typical journey startups take with their internal CRM.

At first most startups assume a CRM won’t be needed and delay its implementation.

Once you accept that a CRM is needed, most people are put off by the complexity of implementing the most well known CRMs and tell themselves they can do something simple and workable in a spreadsheet.

Then the spreadsheet quickly becomes unmanageable and you will most likely adopt some 3rd party software. If you’re selling to SMBs or even consumers, many choose Hubspot. If you’re selling to larger customers, mabe $10K+ a year, a lot of teams choose Pipedrive. Be prepared to spend months getting this implementation right and your team using it correctly.

Lastly, once you hire a VP of Sales, they will probably want to use Salesforce. The overall cost is quite high as most companies have to use a consultant to build their workflow into the salesforce product .

My advice. Skip steps 1 and 2, and go straight to step 3 once you have 5–10 customers. It will save you a lot of time and lost leads. And make sure you want to keep your VP of Sales before you let them reengineer your entire sales process.

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