What Should You Look For in a Potential Co-founder?

Hello everyone. Today, we’re talking about what to look for in a potential co-founder.

At a high level, there are 3 things to focus on:

1. Collaboration

Do you love working together? Is it easy? Do they make those around them more productive? I usually suggest testing this out on a part-time basis at first.

2. Superpower

Does this person have a skill set that is going to help your startup a lot? Their skill needs to be relevant to the business but not necessarily complementary to the other co-founders, so it’s ok to have 2 technical or 2 sales-focused founders.

3. Commitment

Sometimes this is the hardest part. Many people may think they want to be a founder, but that can also mean a big pay cut. Can they commit in the near term for mostly equity compensation?

Best of luck out there.



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