When a Customer is Wrong


Hello, Everyone. Today, we’re talking about what to do when a customer is wrong. This is a tough gray area that frequently occurs. You have a customer that makes a mistake, it hurts their business and your tool is involved. So they want to allocate blame regardless of reality. Your choice is then to accept it or risk the customer. Here are the common scenarios.

1: The customer is 90% wrong. Here because you actually did do something wrong, however small, it’s actually best to just take all the blame, patient listen on the phone, provide a token discount if needed, and then move on with your life.

2: When the customer is 100% wrong. This tends to be much harder on Founders. But unless there’s a high dollar cost involved or the customers behavior is truly unacceptable. You’ll probably prefer to keep the customer and swallow the rather bitter pill of taking the blame for someone else.

3: When the customer is 100% wrong, and the financial cost is high then you probably shouldn’t accept the blame and instead try to gently move the conversation towards future prevention. You can say things like ‘I’m really glad we have this new process in place’, but don’t say things like ‘this was our fault’. If the customer pushes hard for reimbursement, then you have to politely and calmly let them know that ‘when we make a mistake, we’re happy to take responsibility and issue refunds, but in this case the facts of the scenario mean that we can’t issue a refund. Unfortunately. I hope you can understand.’

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