When to Get Started: Passion

Today we’re talking more about why it’s important to wait until you find an idea or market you’re really passionate about before starting a company.

1. If we assume it takes 10 years to build your business, then that’s a long time you’ll need to stay motivated. You will need to be working on something you care about deeply to maintain excitement during the many lows.

2. Hiring is hard. For most founders, hiring quickly becomes a core activity, and the caliber of people you hire is a major determinant of your success. In a very competitive market, you will need to be absolutely magnetic with candidates. That requires authentic passion if you’re going to convince the best people to join your team.

3. As you build your startup, you will encounter a wide variety of unpredictable problems. Many of these will require creative solutions, and those kinds of innovations tend to come from people who are interested in solving the problem. You won’t be focused on the major problems if you don’t really care about them.

Best of luck out there.



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Ash Rust

Ash Rust

Pre-seed Investor. Email: ash@sterlingroad.com. B2B, US only. I work with founders for 3 months before investing. More info: http://SterlingRoad.com/process