Where to find Angel Investors

Today, we’re talking about where to find angel investors. Angel investors are an important part of most seed rounds, as they make decisions quickly, helping you build momentum. However, most founders raising a seed roundtend to focus on larger check writers because Micro VCs, Seed funds and larger vcs are just easier to find and reach. so here’s where to find angel investors, so you can build that momentum early.

1. People from your past: former bosses, investors at past employers, college professors & pastors. Even if you haven’t spoken to them in years, they will be glad to hear from you and at the very least will probably know someone who might be interested.

2. Online networks like Angellist & Crunchbase. Here you can search for active investors in certain categories and companies. Once you have their name, you can reach out directly or via intro.

3. Your Existing investors’ networks. GO through your investors networks with a fine tooth comb, given the strong reference you’ll get from your investor, you have a great chance of closing one of their friends. If you don’t have existing investors, accelerator programs are a great way to get a little investment and start building a network.

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