Your First Demos and Trials

Today we’re talking about your first demos and trials.

Once you’ve completed enough customer research to confirm a problem and a customer profile to test, we now need to show people something.

Many founders make the mistake of trying to build a full app at this point, but that’s overkill.

1. 1st, we need a demo — this is mostly a walkthrough of what the product might do. For both software and hardware companies — this is a design rendering. You really don’t need to build anything yet.

2. Iteration. We show the demo to potential customers who fit our customer profile, and based on their feedback, we iterate on the demo. I suggest a group of at least 15 people actively providing this feedback as “design partners” or “customer advisors”.

3. Once we have a demo our potential customers are excited to try, then we can move them to a trial version. Although some products may require a basic MVP at this point, you’d be amazed at how much you can get done manually or using no-code tools.

Best of luck out there.



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